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Golf Digest lists Weatherford, Texas 7th in golf home markets of the Southwest, ranking it 2nd in affordable living for these same luxury golf home markets within the entire US.

Weatherford Fairway Homes (updated weekly) brings you the most current internet information available on the golf home market in North Texas. Affordable luxury golf homes are just a click away. A compilation of new golf community home builds, golf community resale listings, golf course lots, builder information, and extensive golf course details makes this the most comprehensive site available for Parker County, Texas golf homes.Whether golf is your passion, or you are simply searching for a home with beautiful, manicured vistas, the information found within this site will make this the easiest golf home search you have ever undertaken.

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"The master in the art of living makes little distinction between his work and his play, his labor and his leisure, his mind and his body, his information and his recreation, his love and his religion. He hardly knows which is which. He simply pursues his vision of excellence at whatever he does, leaving others to decide whether he is working or playing. To him he's always doing both" - James A. Michener

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The golfing community of Canyon West, though only 5 miles from the center of Weatherford and 35 minutes from Fort Worth, presents a welcome retreat from city life for its residents. It is the best of both worlds. Quick access to shopping, businesses and theater in both Weatherford and Fort Worth means convenience to life's necessities. In contrast to city life - serene, peaceful and tranquil are all adjectives that aptly describe this developing, rural golf course community.


Crown Valley Estates, Parker County’s Premier Residential Community just minutes west of Downtown Fort Worth with easy access to Interstate 20. Crown Valley is an exclusive gated golf community that features custom and estate homes from $200,000 to $500,000 plus overlooking a highly rated USGA 18-hole championship golf course.


The Reserve at SugarTree and SugarTree on the Brazos residents are constantly rewarded with picturesque landscapes enhanced by the melodious sounds of nature. Wooded lots, beautifully sited homes, the Brazos River, and the highly rated SugarTree golf course all combine to offer home owners a thoroughly enjoyable sanctuary away from the hectic, fast paced life associated with city living. Located in Lipan, this wonderful golf course community allows for an easy drive to Granbury's historical town center for special dining and shopping excursions, yet high speed internet access affords an ideal opportunity for telecommuting professionals who are seeking a calmer, quieter way of life. The Reserve at SugarTree is not just a master planned community . . .

. . . it is a life style.



Let me share with you the story behind the development of Weatherford Fairway Homes.

Not too long ago, my husband and I found ourselves facing a relocation from our California Central Valley home to a not yet determined destination. As my husband closed the door on the way to the airport for one of his many business trips, I heard him say, "I haven't the time to do the research, so, can you gather some information for me on different home markets outside of California and we'll review them when I get back." I nodded in agreement, but in the back of my mind I was thinking - couldn't we narrow it down a bit first?

My first course of action was to take a "quick" spin on the Internet - the next time I remember looking up, it was 10 days later, I had worn all the tread off of my finger tips, I needed an oil change, and I had a stack of printouts over 4 inches high. I have always been very thorough in my undertakings - but I even considered this a bit extreme. Maybe I just wanted to send a subtle message to my husband: "next time you give me a task, maybe you'll refine it a bit, or I'm going to cover you in paperwork". Actually, he feigned amazement, and said I did a great job.

We really did have some "understood, and goes without saying", home search requirements. You see, we were leaving a wonderful golf community where we were used to, at the first sign of a break in our schedules, jumping in the golf cart and heading to our golf club for a quick round. And, we simply weren't ready to compromise on this aspect of our lifestyle. Now - certainly you agree - this has narrowed our home market search a bit, as I now only needed to research golf home communities in the Continental US (less California, that is). In an attempt to narrow my search a bit further, I selfishly decided that "I" did not want to live where there was a true "WINTER". Okay - now I've narrowed my golf home search to the southern most states. Getting closer right? Well - this was only day one of more than 7 months of on-line research, two actual trips to North Texas and many home property calls. During this time, I made many discoveries. You see, we recognized that the information available on the housing market in Texas definitely offered us great value for our investment. However, we knew no one in Texas - no old friends, long lost relatives, or even passing acquaintances. Yes - everything in Texas is big - including the state, especially when you don't have anyone helping steer you in the right direction.

Let me just say right now - the possibility that we would have discovered Weatherford, Texas without the Internet is infinitesimal. Even with such a great golf home research tool, I bounced around from one site to the next. I could find home information, and I could sometimes find golf course web site information, but rarely could I find anything that tied both the home sales with golf course properties. And, even fewer times, was I able to find the information tied in with what I consider the bones of the community - commonly called demographics.

Now we are on a roll - North Texas looks good and our first visit included viewing golf home properties for Rockwall, Granbury and Weatherford. We didn't even make it to Rockwall as we were inundated with properties to visit, not all of them were within golf communities, in fact, only a few of them were actually golf course or golf course vicinity properties. At the time of our first visit, our Realtor wasn't familiar with ALL the golf home communities wandering through the Parker County countryside - now she is

Our research did not end there, not by a long shot. We returned to Oakdale, California to compile, organize and weed through the real estate pamphlets, flyers and property data sheets. I returned to my Internet search, jumping from real estate web site, golf course web sites, builders web sites, public multiple listing sites, and too many others to mention as I was redirected and shuffled from site to site. There were times when I couldn't even figure out how I had arrived at the site on my screen.

I was beyond tired of not having the necessary information all in one location - and out of this personal frustration Weatherford Fairway Homes was born. I had already done the research, and believe me, I, by this point, fully understood the value of having golf course homes and actual golf course information all under one web site umbrella. So why not share the information? There is no good reason I can think of. I am a firm believer in not "reinventing the wheel" and all it took was putting the information in a convenient, understandable, user friendly format (okay - I agree, a little easier said than done) - but it is now done! Or, at least, it is a constant work in progress. Weatherford Fairway Homes offers you Realtor services above and beyond the norm. My vast Internet experiences, coupled with my passion for golf are all rolled into one web site to assist you, and save you vast amounts of time in your golf home search.

REMEMBER - I am only a phone call away, or an email if you prefer anonymity (really I don't bite). Either way, I am available to help you beyond what is possible to achieve during your public on-line golf home property search.

Best Personal regards,

Kris Hemler, REALTOR®

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